Ladies Pennant Finals 6th May 2019

Congratulations to all the Victor Harbor girls who represented our club in the Pennants Finals at Mt Compass on Monday. Although both teams lost everyone did their utmost.  We can be proud that we made it to the finals.  Thankyou also to everyone who carried for us. It really makes a difference having a good caddie. Thankyou also to all the people who came out to watch and support us. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Well done girls. Proud to belong to such a great team and Golf Club 

The following pictures include the following people. Cynthia Nesbitt, Dorothy Lord, Kaye Carr, Kay Watson, Rose Kingston (Div3)

Linda Hodgson, Libby Bancroft ,Sue Bastian, Juliet Hugo, Christine Fowler. 

Ladies Pennant results 29th April 2019

Great result. 3 teams 3 wins.
Div 2 had a good win at Links Lady Bay. Well done.
At Victor Div 1 and 3 both had wins which saw both teams make the finals. Excellent results. Well done everyone involved. 

A big thankyou to Lyne Reynolds and her team of helpers for working hard to host Pennants at our club. 

Lillecrapp, Rosalie.jpg

Thanks to Rosie Lillecrapp for her great win.

Ladies Pennant results 15th April 2019

Great week for Victor Harbor. Two wins and a draw.
Div 1 had a draw with Links Lady Bay at Links Lady Bay. 
Div 2 had a win 
Div 3 had a win against Willunga.  
Div 2 Celia Squire, Chris Rebbeck, Sandy Bevan, Sue Gibson and Lyn Stratfold. 

Ladies Pennant result 8th April 2019

Div 1 lost to South Lakes RED 4/1. The game was played at McCracken under very windy conditions. A big mention to both Sandy Bevan and Lyn Stratfold for coming upto Div 1 and playing off the stick against girls with a lot lower handicaps. Sandy tookher opponent to the 17th. 

Div 2 went down 1.5/3.5 to McLaren Vale at Willunga

Div 3 played McLaren Vale at South Lakes and went down 3/2. An excellent effort seeing that nearly everyone in the team had to give 10 strokes. Keep fighting girls . 

Extremely good effort from all 3 teams. 

Sue Bastian

Pennants Coordinator

Ladies Pennant results 1st April 2019

Div 1 played Aston Hills at South Lakes and won 4.5 to 0.5. Excellent  result team 

Div 2 played Williunga at South Lakes  and won 4 to 1. Excellent comeback after last week. 

Div 3 played at McLaren Vale and had another draw against Strathalbyn. Nothing wrong with a draw. Good result.

Well done Victor Harbor.  2 wins and a draw. 

Ladies Pennant results 25th March 2019

Div 1  had a 4 -1 win against South Lakes White at Aston Hills.

Div 2 lost their match and Div 3 had a draw. 


The Div 1 team L-R: Christine Fowler, Libby Bancroft, Sue Bastian,  Linda Hodgson and Juliet Hugo.