Dress standards apply to all players, caddies and all other persons walking the course or entering the clubhouse.


  • A neat casual fashionable dress style compatible with the modern tradition and image of golf is acceptable. 
  • Shirts must have a collar or polo style neck. 
  • Shirts and tops must be tucked in, and must be buttoned up to at least two-thirds from the top. 
  • No large advertising logos are permitted— a small logo compatible with the image of golf is acceptable. 
  • No tank tops, singlets or surf-style crew T-shirts. 
  • Jeans are acceptable provided they are neat, clean and not garish. 
  • Track suits and track pants are not permitted. 
  • Only tailored style shorts are acceptable. Football style or excessively short shorts are not permitted. 
  • Headwear is not permitted to be worn in the Clubhouse.
  • Long walk socks, short sport socks / sockettes or stockings must be worn. A small logo is acceptable. 


  • Soft spike policy applies. 
  • Must be worn at all times in the clubhouse. 
  • Fashionable style sandals and casual style walk shoes may be worn without socks. 
  • Track shoes must always be worn with socks. 
  • No thongs, ugg-boots or dirty worn out track shoes. 
  • Golf shoes and flat soled track shoes are the only acceptable footwear to be worn on the course for the purpose of playing or for caddying for a player.