Richard W Ambrose & Geoff Bohnsack Ambrose Cup Results Sunday 30th April 2017

The VHGC is where the name of a golf competition called‘AMBROSE’ was introduced in the late 60’s by Richard (Dick) W. AMBROSE.  The AMBROSE family (from AMERICA)had property in the area and introduced the game of ‘Shot Gun’ to the Club.  Geoff BOHNSACK (Secretary/ Manager) decided to call the competition ‘AMBROSE’ after the family. This Golf Competition is now known world wide.

Today (Sun 30/4/17) the VHGC played an AMBROSE Competition.  17 teams competed for the Richard W. Ambrose Cup ( a Nett event) and the Geoff BOHNSACK Trophy (a Gross event).  Results are attached.

The attached photo shows the winning team of the Richard W. Ambrose Cup.  (L-R Bruce HUXTABLE, Nick HUXTABLE, Nick CONOLAN, Geoff JONES.)  Unfortunately(at this point of time)we do not a photo of the Geoff BOHNSACK Trophy winning team.